You Need an Attorney Who Specializes in Insurance Law

When you face a claim or a lawsuit, your insurance company is supposed to stand up for you 100%. But all too often they feed you fine print, reservations, and conditions instead. Sometimes they just deny responsibility. 

Time for an insurance attorney.

Even if the insurance company says it will defend you, they know how to place traps for the unwary. You think you are protected, but you might not be. Some examples are, 

  • The claimant wants more money than your policy limits,
  • The insurance company says it is not sure all the damages are covered,
  • They want to be able to change their mind later (a typical clause),
  • They need to “investigate” and want all kinds of information from you.

Insurance coverage disputes require sophisticated and experienced counsel. Because of my background representing insurance carriers as well policyholders, I understand their perspective. You benefit from my 30 years of verifying and enforcing rights under insurance policies. 

I know how to settle effectively and quickly, if possible. If not, I know how to litigate to a successful conclusion.