When to call an Insurance Lawyer

When dealing with insurance companies, there can be a lot of traps for the unwary. There is a lot of things insurance companies can do by way of half measure that they should do by way of full measure that people don’t appreciate. 

  • If you have a claim, 
  • if someone makes a claim against you,
  • if you have been sued, notify your insurance carrier and then call me. Sometimes, just a couple of hours of my time can save you time and headaches down the road.

Second Opinion

I can provide a "second opinion" on how to best manage your insurance company, even if they have hired lawyers to protect you – or especially if they hire attorneys for you. Let my experience and a fresh set of independent eyes get your case resolved faster and with less burden on you. 

The Fine Print

If your insurance company sends you a five-page letter reciting certain policy provisions and reservations, call me! Various issues can be raised or reserved by the insurance company. This means they will extend a defense, but may want to pull back later. Issues can be policy limits, “non-covered” claims like punitive damages, intentional acts, not within scope, etc. 

Know Your Rights

Know your rights. If you suspect your insurance company isn't taking good care of your interests, give me a call.