When Others Have a Claim Against You

Insurance companies hire lawyers to defend policyholders in the event of lawsuits. But, will the lawyers they select to defend you really look out for your interests? Or will they look out primarily for the insurance company? After all, those lawyers are being paid by the insurance company, which sends them case after case. 

You may have the right to demand your own lawyers, and/or to make decisions on defending the claim. I can help you understand your options and select a strategy that is best for your interests. Having a "second opinion" like this on how to best manage your insurance company and the lawyers they hired for you can be invaluable to you. Let my experience and a fresh set of independent eyes get your case resolved faster and with less burden on you.

I help you get the benefits you paid for and get that peace of mind you deserve. Know your rights. If you have been sued, notify your insurance carrier and then call me.