When You Have a Claim

I advocate for your rights under your insurance policy when you experience a loss of some kind and make a claim for compensation from your insurance carrier.  I represent both individuals and businesses. 

When you purchase insurance, you agree to pay the insurance premiums, and your insurance company agrees to compensate you for a covered loss. 

If there is damage to your business operations or property, perhaps from a fire or other casualty,  you entitled to the maximum benefits under the policy you paid for, and the law.  If you have a health issue, you want the best treatment available, not just the easiest or cheapest. If you miss work, or might be facing a disability, you need all the help you can get, and your insurance company may need to be persuaded to provide what you need.   

For every sort of claim, the insurance company is supposed to compensate you for your loss, get you the right services, if you need services, and do without unnecessary delay. When they don't, that's where I come in.

Case Studies: